Monday, January 10, 2011

Chuck Taylors & Vibram Five Fingers

Kayla  talked me into getting a couple of pairs of Chuck Taylors recently.  What were the coolest shoes to have about 30 years ago are back in vogue now- in all kinds of designer colors and fabrics. When I was doing P90X I was looking for a pair of shoes to save my knees and ran across the concept of "barefoot shoes" like the Vibram Five Fingers.  The idea is to use a minimal amount of support because our feet and leg muscles get lazy from all that support and by working out without the support we build strength.  I ended up going a different way for shoes then.  But, when I got my first pair of Converses (well the first pair in about 30 years), I got that barefoot feeling from them because they have zero support.  LOL.

I got a pair of Vibram Five Fingers for Christmas from Ty.  But, because of my genetic deformity of having very long toes and second toes that are longer than my big toes, I cannot wear them.  I did wear them around in the house for a while and they felt pretty much like my Chuck's at over twice the price.  Chuck Taylor's, decades ahead of their time.

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