Friday, November 18, 2011

Del Destino Roasted Piquillo Peppers Review

I had seen roasted piquillo peppers on various cooking shows on the Food Network and always wanted to try them.  One day while wandering the aisled of Costco, these piquillo peppers from Del Destino called out to me and I bought them.

The peppers are incredibly sweet and the roasted flavor gives them a nice touch.  They are so convenient to used since they are already roasted and peeled.  They could be added to a hot dish. BUt, my favorite way to eat them is to slice them and put them in a salad so the taste isn't masked too much by other flavors.  The only problem is the ones at Costco come in a very large jar and my family takes several meals to go through a jar.  We've bought two jars so far and each has gone moldy several weeks after opening them.  The "best by" date is still two years away. But, once the jars are opened and bacteria get in there isn't enough preservative in them to keep it from growing.  Still, even if you have to throw part of the jar away, they are inexpensive enough at Costco to make them worth buying there rather than at a speciality foods store.  I will continue to buy them. But, I'll try to be more cautious about making sure I only use clean utensils when fishing them out of the jar and making sure no one sticks a finger in the jar to grab one.

(note-the peppers at Costco come in a 32 ounce jar- not the can pictured here)

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