Monday, April 29, 2013

ADT Security Monitoring Service

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We have been an ADT customer for close to 15 years now. We started off paying about $20 a month for them to do basically nothing (monitor our system and call the police or fire department IF there is an alarm). Every year, they send a letter raising the rate another $1.00 or so a month).  Slow drip. Every year, I get annoyed, intend to look at an alternative and end up doing nothing. This year, they were going to take our rate to $37.52 Well, no more.

This year, I called  They have a monitoring system that works over the internet. $17.95/month for the same service ADT is giving me now.  I would have to buy some hardware and install it myself or have it installed. That made me a bit uncomfortable, so before I pulled the trigger and ordered the hardware, I called ADT.  After going through their voicemail maze to reach a real person, I finally was transferred to the customer loyalty department.  I simply told them I was not happy with my rate and was talking with about switching. but before I switched I wanted to know if they could do any better on their price.  They dropped the bill to $19.99/month (didn't say for how long and I didn't ask).  For the extra $2.00 a month and not having to make any changes or install any hardware, I'll  stick with them until they try to raise it again.
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