Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kirkland (Costco) Organic Lemonade

It goes without saying I am a lover of all things Costco. Well, I just found another great Kirkland product. Kirkland Organic Lemonade. I grew up drinking lemonade, but I hardly ever make it because, well, I'm lazy.  This is pretty close to homemade without the hassle of squeezing your own lemons.

It's not exactly like homemade because the lemon juice is from concentrate.  I like that it has no artificial sweeteners and uses real sugar. What I really love is that it's nice and tart. Surprisingly tart.  I do not like things very sweet and this isn't even close to being overly sweet, not even for me, the guy who likes lemonade that makes you pucker.

I'm not a stickler when it comes to organic, but all of the ingredient listed on the label are organic including the sugar and the lemon flavor which is the last ingredient on the list.  So, if that's important you, there you go.

There are two three quart bottles for $5.99.  I'm sure this is a seasonal product. So, around the end of summer, I plan to stock up.

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  1. Not bad, not good, too sour, they need to improve the recipe.

  2. great drink. but too bad Costco in Clarkston, WA, is deleting it,

  3. the weird thing is though that naturally lemon has vitamin c...but not of that in this 'organic' lemonade..

  4. I love this lemonade, yes it is tasty and tart. Delicious

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